Stephen Colletti “Still Loves” Taylor Swift And Considers “Laguna Beach: The Movie”— Exclusive
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Stephen Colletti “Still Loves” Taylor Swift And Considers “Laguna Beach: The Movie”— Exclusive


Back in 2006, Stephen Colletti had reality vets Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad fighting over him.  

Now, 12 years later, the Laguna Beach alum has transformed into a real-life actor, with his most notable role being Chase Adams in the ever-popular One Tree Hill.

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The 30-year-old told Wetpaint all about the potential for Laguna Beach: The Movie and if he’s on Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian’s side while promoting his short film Celluloid Dreams.

“I don’t really know exactly what’s going on. I’m not as in tune as maybe I should be,” he said about the Kim-Taylor-Kanye controversy.

“I know that there’s Snapchat, but I don’t have a Snapchat, and I heard it was Snapchat about Taylor being recorded?”

Though he wasn’t quite clear on all the details, the California native is biased towards the 1989 songstress as he was in her music video for “White Horse” back in 2008.

“Well, I’ve always loved Taylor Swift, I still love Taylor Swift. Whatever it is, I’m going with Taylor,” he shared.

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He also talked about the show that started it all for him — Laguna Beach — and whether or not he’d ever do it again.

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Laguna Beach: The Movie? You know something I don’t know? Is it happening? Can you imagine the dynamic?

“How many people would need to ask their husbands and wives, ‘Hey, I’m moving back to Laguna for a year because we’re going to do the movie. They’re probably going to manufacture some drama and it may not be something you like.’”

He also acknowledged the fact so many cast members wouldn’t just have to explain the situation to their spouses, but to their kids too.

“They’re also having to explain it to their kids, ‘I’m going to have to leave your daddy for a little while.’ It would definitely be an experience.”

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Though the One Tree Hill star is done with reality TV, he’s excited to find new projects to sink his teeth into.

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“You just try to put yourself in the most confident position by saying yes to something, kind of letting the universe give you some signals and cross some things off the list of what’s important to you, and then eventually you do have to take that leap of faith, but I enjoy that.”

And fret not, One Tree Hill fans, Mr. Chase Adams will be joining the big reunion happening in Chicago later this year.

“They are doing one in Chicago later this year and we are working on getting there. We should have an announcement about that soon. I hope to be there, we are working on it.”

@rickglassman and co. #othfamily Thank you, Montreal.

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His short film Celluloid Dreams — which is directed by Jonathan Dillon — was released online July 7 and is one of his favorite pieces of work to date.

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“I was very, very pleased and proud to say that what I read, the first time I read it in that random email, I got the same feeling when I first saw it on screen, and that hasn’t always happened in my career.”

The film is about an old man who believes he can relive home movies from his past. 

While the former MTV star loves films, he isn’t counting out a TV show in the future.

“I still want that feeling of being on a show from the beginning and that progression (of the character).”

Well Stephen, can you just do us a favor and maybe reconsider the Laguna Beach: The Movie idea?

Check out Stephen in his short film Celluloid Dreams online right here!