Lamar Odom Being Eyed By Lakers and Clippers For Upcoming Season
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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Being Eyed By Lakers and Clippers For Upcoming Season

Things may bea looking up for Lamar Odom.

The NBA star, who is reportedly in the process of reconciling with wife Khloe Kardashian through a mix of joint counseling sessions, may also be headed back to the basketball court even sooner than fans had anticipated.

Lamar, who’s been looking healthier in recent months, has been training to get back in game-ready shape, and his diligence is paying off. According to a source for, the star has reportedly caught the eye of two of his former teams — the Lakers and the Clippers — and, depending on committed he seems to the game in the next few months, could be offered a contract to play L.A. ball once again.

While Lamar was allegedly taking meetings with teams in both New York and L.A. last month, nothing’s been signed yet, and industry insiders say it might not be so easy for the star to walk back onto the court after all of the drama in his personal life.

NBA analyst Tim Legler says of Lamar’s chances of re-joining one of his former teams: “He’s 6’10,” a very versatile player, he was sixth man of the year … so you understand the intrigue associated with a guy like Lamar Odom and the particular skills he brings to the table. The problem I have, really, is he hasn’t played productive basketball in about two and a half years.”

Tim says that, while Lamar has demonstrated his skill on the court in the past, his problems have overshadowed his talent at this point.

“I probably wouldn’t bring him in, if I was a general manager … and everything he’s bringing with him, and all of the distractions off the court, and the personal life, and all of the TMZ stories that come with him.”

Do you think Lamar has the talent to revitalize his career?