Lamar Odom Allegedly Spent $1,000 Per Day on Drugs (UPDATE)
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Lamar Odom Allegedly Spent $1,000 Per Day on Drugs (UPDATE)

Location update (9/7/13): Lamar was spotted Friday, September 6 at a sushi restaurant in L.A., a hostess told Us Weekly. He's like Bigfoot, every time he's lost and found, there's a sighting report.

Alleged drug use update (9/7/13): According to TMZ, Lamar's crack cocaine addiction got so bad, even his dealer got scared and cut him off. This alleged dealer had been giving drugs to Lamar all summer but last week Lamar was reportedly "insatiable," demanding more and more. The dealer was supposedly worried about himself, scared that something could happen to Lamar and authorities would track the drug pusher down. So this dealer is said to be out, but TMZ says that hasn't stopped Lamar's drug use. He just went looking for a new dealer. Addiction is no joke, kids!

Original story (9/6/13):

It’s still unclear whether or not Lamar Odom is working through his alleged substance abuse issues in a treatment facility or if he’s gone on the lam once again, but a new report from TMZ indicates that the basketball star’s drug addiction may have been even more serious than friends and family originally thought.

Sources for the site claim that, once his season with the Clippers was over in May, Lamar holed up at L.A.’s Roosevelt Hotel and began blowing his money — often up to $1,000 a day — on crack.

While Lamar was allegedly forking over an average of $800 per day to his dealer, he wasn’t alone in his pursuit of a high — the source claims that there was an endless parade of drug addicts, many of them unknown to Lamar, coming through his door all summer.

Although Lamar was said to be generous with his haul, $800 worth of crack is still a huge and dangerous amount of drugs, even with the upped price dealers give to their celebrity clients.

For now, the Kardashians have refrained from making any statements about Lamar’s whereabouts — that is, if they even know where he is.

We hope that wherever Lamar's gone, he's getting the help he needs.

Do you think Lamar's in rehab?

Source: TMZ