Is Lamar Odom Brain Dead? #RIPLamar and #RIPLO Trending on Twitter
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Lamar Odom

Is Lamar Odom Brain Dead? #RIPLamar and #RIPLO Trending on Twitter


After the discovery of Lamar Odom unconscious at a Nevada brothel yesterday (October 13), the internet has been ablaze with conflicting reports about his condition and the circumstances of his accident.


As far as we know, the basketball star (and estranged husband to Khloe Kardashian) is still alive, though it sounds as though he’s in dire shape.


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But rumors about him being brain dead abound, especially with a source inside Las Vegas’s Sunrise Hospital telling E! Online “virtually every drug imaginable was found in his system” and brain damage is likely.


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Not helping to clarify matters are the hashtags currently trending on Twitter, like #RIPLamar and #RIPLO.

Even some celebs seem to have been duped, like fellow NBA star J.R. Smith and rapper Lil Wayne.