Lamar Odom Destroys Paparazzi’s Gear in the Middle of Traffic! (VIDEO)
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The Kardashians

Lamar Odom Destroys Paparazzi’s Gear in the Middle of Traffic! (VIDEO)

Whether or not those cheating rumors are true, Lamar Odom has had enough paparazzi hounding him and wife Khloe Kardashian!

Apparently, the paps made the mistake of asking the basketball star whether those infidelity reports were true!

Losing his temper, Lamar opened the back door of one of the photog's car, plucked out what looks like thousands of dollars of camera equipment, and tossed it scattershot in the middle of the busy Los Angeles roadway. (You can watch the rampage play out in the video below!)

Surely not wanting to litter, the 33-year-old proceeded to pick up all of the equipment and put it in his car.

Then he took a metal bar to another paparazzo's car, reportedly destroying it.

Making the whole saga even more absurd, a van filled with Hollywood tourists had a front seat to the action, the star-gazers eagerly recording Lamar's trail of destruction.

Finally, to cap off the saga, he goes over to a female fan brandishing a cell phone... and poses for a picture. How sweet!

Check out footage of the incident below.

Source: Splash News

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