Lamar Odom Frequented Hookers, Claims His Alleged Drug Dealer
Lamar Odom Frequented Hookers, Claims His Alleged Drug Dealer
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Lamar Odom Frequented Hookers, Claims His Alleged Drug Dealer


Charlie Sheen, is that you?

Lamar Odom's alleged secret life of drugs, extramarital affairs, and going MIA with relative frequency may have initially come as a shock to his fans, but since reports of his x-rated extracurriculars have been made public, nothing surprises us anymore — so let’s add hookers to the mix.

The man who claims to be Lamar’s drug dealer — the same guy who told RadarOnline that Lamar had blown $50,000 on cocaine since 2010 — says that Lamar not only loves drugs, but loves to keep the company of expensive escorts as well.

“His marriage is in the toilet bowl, but he likes the high end prostitute,” says the dealer. “I’ve seen him with ladies that weren’t his wife.”

While Lamar’s got plenty of money to burn, with an estimated $56 million in the bank, his supplier says that he likes to spend lavishly when he’s partying with his by-the-hour gal pals, keeping everyone in good spirits with plenty of party favors.

“[They were] having a good time. They were using drugs. They were going to party, to drink,” the dealer says of Lamar and his non-Khloe companions.

Despite Lamar’s not-so-family friendly predilections, the drug dealer made it clear that Lamar still had some boundaries.

“I’ve never seen him having sex with a woman, absolutely not. I’ve seen him a little more friendly with women who I know, who are known users and escorts to the celebrities.”

Well, as long as he’s not having sex with prostitutes in front of his drug dealer, then the marriage is saved!

The dealer went on to claim that while Rob Kardashian often partied with Lamar, he didn’t partake in his brother-in-law’s over-the-top lifestyle, sticking to booze and the kind of women you try to pick up with a corny line, not a credit card.

At the end of the day, the dealer says that all he wants (other than whatever he's getting paid for his interviews) is to get his client help.

In an epic case of the pot calling the kettle a screw-up, the dealer (and apparent poet) had these beautiful words for Lamar: “Cut the s--t. The party’s over.”

Source: RadarOnline