The Kardashians Are Terrified Lamar Odom Will Write Tell-All — Report
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The Kardashians

The Kardashians Are Terrified Lamar Odom Will Write Tell-All — Report

The Kardashian family always seems to be up for revealing shocking secrets, whether it’s Kris Jenner spilling the beans about her sex tape or Kim Kardashian discussing pregnancy Spanx on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but things have rarely gotten malicious among the tight-knit bunch — until now.

In Touch (via RadarOnline) reports that, in light of the multitude of nasty stories that have come out about his alleged bad habits, the Kardashians are worried that Lamar Odom is going to air their dirty laundry for the entire world.

“He’s freaking out because he’s losing everything. He feels all the Kardashians are against him,” an insider says of the NBA star, who reportedly entered rehab yesterday (though reports vary).

“He blames Khloe's family for all the recent public drama. He believes Kris Jenner and the Kardashians planted all the bad stories about him to make him look like a monster. He’s deeply depressed and angry. He wants revenge.”

The source claims, “Lamar may go after Kim, who can be a self-absorbed monster… Lamar could also expose what Kim’s done for money, who she’s slept with, and the awful things she’s said about Kanye West, like how he smells bad in bed and how she’s not attracted to him... What Kim’s ex [Kris Humphries] knew is nothing compared to everything Lamar knows."

While Lamar has always seemed like a kind and devoted husband to Khloe, for the reported $5 million dollar advance he could earn for the book, in addition to the retribution he could hand down to his adopted family, he may be willing to sell her out as well. That said, he's not exactly hurting for money. (He's worth around $56 million.)

The source reports that Lamar knows the truth about Khloe’s paternity, and, if it comes to it, he’ll give all the info to the highest bidder.

We have a hard time believing that Lamar would every do something so cruel. What do you think?

Source: In Touch / RadarOnline