Lamar Odom to Spend “Over $100,000” on Khloe Kardashian’s Anniversary Gift — Report
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Lamar Odom to Spend “Over $100,000” on Khloe Kardashian’s Anniversary Gift — Report

With today being Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s fourth wedding anniversary, you might think that she would be expecting some lavish gift from her hubby. But in reality, we know that Khloe just wants Lamar to get help. Insead, Lamar is just reportedly trying to dazzle Khloe with a fancy gift, costing “well over $100,000,” according to TMZ.

The news site is reporting that Lamar has returned to L.A. from the Palm Springs area (where he was allegedly having a crack binge) and is now crashing at his downtown loft.

Sources close to Lamar told TMZ that he wants to surprise Khloe with a huge gift, and let’s get real, with $100K, you can’t go wrong — normally. It’s really sad that Lamar doesn’t realize that the only thing Khloe really wants is for him to get healthy again, which would most likely be accomplished if he went to rehab.

Last night Khloe dropped Odom from her Twitter name (just days after dropping Odom from her Instagram name), so it feels like the next step could be a little more serious. We have heard that Lamar and Khloe will be spending their anniversary together, but could it be their last?

What do you think about Lamar’s plans to buy Khloe an expensive gift? Will it help get them back together or not? Hit the comments and weigh in!

Source: TMZ

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