Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Still Having Sex Since He Moved Out — Report
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Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Still Having Sex Since He Moved Out — Report

There ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump and grind — at least that’s how Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom see it.

The couple seem to be inching back toward normalcy in the past few weeks, with public outings together and Lamar’s near-constant insistence that reporters check out the wedding ring he’s still sporting. It seems that, as cozy as as they seem in public, they’ve been getting even closer behind closed doors.

“They’ve been sleeping together,” a source for Us Weekly (via HollywoodLife) says.

The reason the couple hasn’t been more open about their back-on status is because Khloe is afraid of the damage it will do to her public image, thanks to Lamar’s alleged affairs and drug use.

“She knows it will look bad,” says the insider. “She doesn’t want backlash because she forgave an addict and a cheater.”

Regardless of the public’s opinion about Lamar’s behavior or the couple’s relationship, Khloe has always remained steadfast in her defense of her husband and their union.

Speculate all you want,” Khloe tweeted earlier this month. “The armor I put around MY family can't melt or even scratch. So continue to throw your daggers. You will never cut us, you will just tire yourself out. Strong and united we will still stand.”

Do you think Khloe and Lamar are making the right decision to give their relationship another shot?

Source: Us Weekly / HollywoodLife