Will Khloe Kardashian Make Lamar Odom Take a Lie Detector Test to Prove He’s Faithful?
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Will Khloe Kardashian Make Lamar Odom Take a Lie Detector Test to Prove He’s Faithful?

Healthy marriages come in all shapes and sizes: straight, gay, plural, the kind where you form a lifelong bond with a mannequin, the kind where you get hitched to a bridge.

The type that's conspicuously absent from that list is the one where you make your significant other prove they're not cheating on you by taking lie detector tests.

Celebrity Fix claims that Khloe Kardashian is hoping to save her marriage to Lamar Odom by forcing him to take a polygraph test to prove he's not cheating on her after alleged mistress/possible stranger Jennifer Richardson claimed she's been getting all up on Lam Lam's business for a year.

The site's anonymous source says of the farcical plan: "Whilst Khloe had originally dismissed the cheating allegations against Lamar, believing that they were false and trusting his word, an element of doubt has been ignited over the past couple of weeks and she’s started to become extremely paranoid."

The tipster adds, "Various friends and family members have been telling her to open her eyes and whilst it’s good to be so trusting, they don’t want her to come out looking like a fool. Kourtney in particular has urged her to find out the truth and whilst Khloe’s been avoiding it due to sheer fear of what she could find out, she’s now taken the step of ordering Lamar to have a lie detector test.”

Of course, Khloe's got infinite funds with which to hire private investigators, Lamar is about a bajillion feet tall and looks like no one else in the world, so it would be pretty easy to spot him getting down with women who aren't his wife, and lie detector tests aren't foolproof, but believe what you want — if it's true, at least it will make for some captivating TV.

Source: Celebrity Fix