Lamar Odom’s NBA Pals Worry He Can’t Be Saved From Drug Addiction
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Lamar Odom’s NBA Pals Worry He Can’t Be Saved From Drug Addiction

Reports of Lamar Odom's crippling addictions to everything from prescription pills to crack cocaine are widespread at this point, but what many still can’t understand is how the NBA star managed to keep his addiction a secret while undergoing the routine drug tests that come along with playing professional sports.

According to RadarOnline, which claims that Lamar was never using illegal drugs, the basketball star only abused drugs he was prescribed while playing ball, so his drug addiction went undetected through regular testing methods.

“If Lamar tested positive for a drug of abuse, he would have immediately been sanctioned and suspended,” an NBA insider tells the website. “Lamar never registered a dirty test over the last two years.”

Despite the clean tests, Lamar was consistently abusing prescription drugs, knowing he could get by the tests on a technicality. ”Lamar was able to smoke OxyContin and it was detected during several drug tests. But because he had a valid prescription, it wasn’t a violation. It allowed him to skate through the system. He knew he could smoke it and get away with it.”

While Lamar briefly saw the error of his ways following an emotional intervention by his agent and teammates on Monday, sources close to the star say he recently backtracked. The statement he had planned to deliver to the media is off, as are his plans to enter rehab again, at least for now.

“One minute Lamar is agreeing that he needs help and 30 minutes later, he says he just needs to be left alone," says a friend. "This is extremely serious, but there is really nothing anyone can do to save Lamar unless he wants to save himself.”

What do you think can be done to help Lamar?

Source: RadarOnline