Lamar Odom Stops Paying Dad’s Rent — It’s HOW Much Per Month? Report
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Lamar Odom Stops Paying Dad’s Rent — It’s HOW Much Per Month? Report

The tension between Lamar Odom and his dad continues. And it may be time for his dad to roll up the welcome mat.

Lamar, who reportedly was planning to shell out a whopping $100,000 on his anniversary gift for wife Khloe Kardashian last week, has told his dad that he will no longer be paying his dad's rent, according to TMZ.

Lamar has reportedly been paying his dad Joe Odom's rent for the past four years, and the rent is said to be a wallet-thinning $2,900 per month. But Lamar has now apparently told his dad that he won't be covering it anymore, so Joe says he'll have to move out.

Why the sudden change of heart on Lamar's part? We're not completely certain, but we're guessing this stems from the harsh words the two seemed to share last week. Joe lashed out the Kardashians and blamed Lamar's troubles on them. Then, Lamar seemed to fire back on Twitter, although some sources claim that Lamar himself did not write the response.

Rumors are also swirling that Lamar has fallen back into his drug-abusing ways this week, despite wife Khloe desperately pleading with him to get clean.

We're hoping that Lamar and Joe can work things out before he gets the boot from his pad. And by the way, if Lamar wants to start paying our rent for us, too, we wouldn't complain.

Source: TMZ