Lamar Odom’s Prostitutes Have Fled the Brothel, Are Living in Fear
Lamar Odom unconscious, 911 call
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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom’s Prostitutes Have Fled the Brothel, Are Living in Fear


Monica Monroe and Ryder Cherry, the Love Ranch South employees who found Lamar Odom unconscious, have both fled the brothel and are afraid for their lives, a new report claims.


Ryder hasn’t been seen since leaving the Pahrump, Nevada, establishment — but Monica is talking to the press from her current hideout, which is somewhere outside Nevada.


“I’m not to blame at all because I didn’t do anything wrong at all,” Monica tells Daily Mail, adding that a confidentiality agreement an aide of Lamar’s had her sign prevents her from speaking freely.


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“I feel like I saved his life by finding him … My face is all over the worldwide news now, but we have an issue about this because I didn’t do anything wrong.”


The Nye County Sheriff’s Department interrogated both women in the wake of Lamar’s medical crisis, and both maintain their innocence. They would have each been paid $19,000, a quarter of what Lamar paid Love South Ranch, but they both gave back the paychecks.


Both girls protest their innocence but have since left the ranch and had their $19,000 pay checks cancelled.


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Furthermore, both women lost their boyfriends to violent crimes, and Monica says she’s in witness protection.


“I just found my man murdered not that long ago. And then my mother’s house was shot up. Someone was looking for me, and I’m in a witness protection program. And now my hair, my new dark [hair] that I dyed — because I’m not blonde anymore — it’s out in the news. I have a problem now.”


This is just the latest drama surrounding the brothel and its employees. One of the other pros who partied with Lamar, Bunny Lane, went missing for a while yesterday.


Here’s hoping the women stay safe.


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