Did Lamar Odom Really Cheat on Khloe Kardashian? New Details Emerge
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Did Lamar Odom Really Cheat on Khloe Kardashian? New Details Emerge

A report in Star magazine this week claims that Khloe Kardashian and husband Lamar Odom have been living apart for over a month. And while original chatter was based on hearsay from a friend of Lamar’s rumored mistress, Jennifer Richardson, Star claims to have physical proof of what was going on.

So, what is it? A baby baking in JRich’s oven? A tattoo of Jennifer’s name on his tramp stamp region? Not exactly. Apparently, Jennifer spent the winter shaking off the blues while bouncing around the country as Lamar’s own personal ball girl. “He flew her first class every time,” Jenny from the Block’s friend tells Star.

Mementos presented as evidence of their relationship included airline tickets, invoices, and game ticket stubs, since Jennifer followed the team around the country. And while this all sounds a little like a scrapbook and a Lifetime movie had a baby, there’s more.

In order to treat this woman all classy-like (Jennifer, not Khloe obviously), Lamar reportedly put her up in 5-star hotels. How, exactly did this not all leave a paper trail? Actually, it did — it was just a different kind, since they used a friend of Lamar’s as cover for the affair, putting his name on reservations. And Jennifer presented one such check-in envelope with their helpful pal’s name on it as proof.

But Jenn’s friend insists this wasn’t just an expensive booty call, even if it started out that way. “They shared all their secrets with each other,” she tells Star. “Lamar fell for her, and she fell for him.” And what? Because you’re such a good friend, you wanted to share their love with the world? Cool story.

As for Khloe’s side of things, she tweeted on July 9, “Couples massage time! Lucky Lady! Muah.” Was this her way of saying “move along, nothing to see here” to make her public think their life is all non-mistress-having-hot-oils? Or has Star got it all wrong?

Source: Star via RadarOnline