Lamar Odom Seen “Smiling,” Looks “Normal” After Leaving Rehab — Report
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Lamar Odom Seen “Smiling,” Looks “Normal” After Leaving Rehab — Report

Lamar Odom has been spotted out in public for the first time since leaving rehab, and Khloe Kardashian’s estranged husband is looking upbeat and just like “his normal self,” according to a new report from E! Online.

On September 4, People wrote that Lamar had checked into rehab for drugs and alcohol abuse. The pro basketball player reportedly has a crack cocaine addiction and was arrested for a DUI as recently as August 30 after refusing to take any chemical tests for illicit substances.

But here’s the thing. No one seems to know for sure if Lamar actually went to rehab or not. He might not have ever checked in, or he may have checked in and then almost immediately checked out. The latest report is that Lamar is receiving treatment, but not at a rehabilitation facility.

But whatever the case, E! is now reporting that Lamar was spotted out having tea and miso soup with a male friend at the Japanese restaurant Octopus in Hollywood. An eyewitness says he was “smiling,” and “very nice and polite.”

Another source tells E! that Lamar was acting like “his normal self” the entire time, even stopping to sign an autograph for a fan. "He was in a good mood and did not seem down at all," the source insists.

We hope this is a sign that Lamar is doing well, and that things are looking up in his life and his relationship with Khloe. Our thoughts go out to everyone during this difficult time.

Source: E! Online