Lamar Odom Spotted Wandering Alone in L.A. Late at Night
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Lamar Odom Spotted Wandering Alone in L.A. Late at Night

If there were any doubts to Lamar Odom's whereabouts, it’s time to stop guessing. Turns out he’s safe, sound, and doing kind of boring stuff while wandering around L.A. late at night.

TMZ reports that the basketball player is, as previously reported, out of the capable hands of treatment staff at the rehab center he had allegedly checked into last week, and back in Los Angeles, where he’s been staying at his pseudo-bachelor pad downtown.

Photographers snapped Lamar checking out a sushi restaurant near his place a little after midnight on Monday, September 8, only to decide raw fish wasn’t his thing minutes later, opting for a banana at a nearby bodega instead.

Lamar kept the crazy party going back at his place, where he hung out alone, presumably doing equally exciting activities, like browsing the movie selection on TV, wishing a friend happy birthday on Facebook, and thinking about taking a bath, but deciding against it.

He later met up with a friend to hang out, coming home around 6:15 AM, because he’s a millionaire without a day job, so, like the kids say, YOLO.

Lamar was spotted earlier in the week doing more of the same — eating at a Japanese place, signing autographs, smiling — so it begs the question: Is he [still] using? Some reports claim that he is receiving treatment, but it’s not on an inpatient basis.

Whatever he’s doing, it seems to be working, so we hope things continue to look up for him.

Source: TMZ