Lamar Odom Takes Basketball Meetings in NYC — Report
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Lamar Odom Takes Basketball Meetings in NYC — Report

Lamar Odom is facing a major crossroads in his basketball career. Can he convince an NBA team to commit to him, despite his recent off-court difficulties?

TMZ reports that Lamar is flying to NYC today to meet with execs from several basketball teams in an effort to prove that he can still be an elite athlete.

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly not accompanying him on the trek. But he is said to have recently taken blood and urine tests for drugs, and the tests came back negative. So sources say he plans to bring up these tests when he meets with team reps.

Word has it that several teams have expressed interest in signing Lamar, assuming he can prove he's clean. The hope is that Lamar will sign a deal with one of these clubs during this trip.

Another motive for the trip was for him to visit his family there and get away from the drama in L.A. Sources say Lamar feels he is completely done with drugs and is focused on getting back to b-ball.

Lamar played with the Los Angeles Clippers last season and is currently a free agent.

We're wishing him the best as he seeks to put his troubles behind him and concentrate on his career. Let's hope these meetings in NYC are a slam dunk.

Source: TMZ