Lamar Odom Desperately Trying to Win Khloe Kardashian Back
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Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom Desperately Trying to Win Khloe Kardashian Back

Lamar Odom’s recent video, in which he seems to brag about cheating on Khloe Kardashian, doesn’t seem like a raving endorsement for his endless love and fidelity, but the basketball star is still making last-ditch efforts at making the couple’s marriage of four years work.

Since the video hit the air, Khloe has been spotted out on a number of occasions without her oversized wedding and engagement ring set, prompting rumors that the she has finally given up on her troubled hubby.

With reports of Lamar’s substance abuse and multiple affairs still looming large over the couple’s marriage, it seems as though Khloe might be wise to cut her losses and walk away, but Lamar is reportedly holding fast to the only real family he’s ever known.

“He doesn’t want to leave the marriage. Whenever he talks to Khloe, he reminds her of just that,” a Kardashian insider tells HollywoodLife. “He wants to stay married to her because he knows how good of a wife and a best friend she is.”

While Lamar may want to save his marriage, it seems as though his efforts may be too little, too late. The couple were spotted together at a Jay Z concert earlier this week, although the pair hardly interacted or spoke during the show — hardly a sign that a reconciliation is in their future.

Despite the growing distance between Lamar and Khloe, the former NBA star is still willing to fight for his marriage.

“He knows that no other woman on the face of the earth would go through a battle like that, the way she did,” says the source “He always pleads his case to her every chance he gets, but his actions just don’t match up to his words.”

Do you think Khloe and Lamar’s marriage is over for good?

Source: HollywoodLife