Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Lamar Odom isn’t going to let anything stop him from wearing the Clippers jersey once again — not even invasive checks to make sure he’s staying on the straight and narrow.

Lamar is doing everything in his power to get his marriage back on track while he waits for his contract with the Clippers to come in, and he may have a secret weapon in his arsenal to prove he’s serious about his sobriety: drug tests, wherever and whenever the team wants them. reports that Lamar is “very close to signing a one year contract with the Los Angeles Clippers. He has been working out, and getting ready to re-join his team. Lamar agreed to undergo random drug testing administered by the team, and if he returns one dirty test, he will be suspended from the team immediately.”

The source claims that Khloe “is hopeful that once Lamar begins playing with the Clippers that their marriage will be back on track. Lamar’s entire life is basketball and he has been lost without it, and this one of the reasons why he his drug addiction spiraled out of control. Khloe has been very supportive of Lamar during this time.”

While it sounds as though things are definitely looking up for Lamar, we’re not entirely sure the prospect of playing pro ball is enough to keep him clean — after all, his problems with drugs first became public knowledge when he was suspended for testing positive for marijuana while playing for the Clippers back in 2001.

Do you think Lamar has a shot at staying clean if he re-signs with the Clippers?