Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Lamar Odom's recent rap video didn't just make things tough between him and wife Khloe Kardashian. He also may have jeopardized his basketball career.

Lamar appeared to be back on track to make it back into the NBA, as he reportedly met with the team for several hours and has been practicing extensively.

However, one stipulation of Lamar joining the team was him staying out of trouble. So when a video surfaced recently of him rapping while seemingly intoxicated about cheating on Khloe, the team was reportedly not pleased.

Now, sources say that Lamar might still join the team in 2014, but the team no longer views it as urgent.

"[The team's coach] Doc Rivers and the Clippers organization are still keeping Lamar in their thoughts to join the team, but he is not a priority, a source says. "There is no timetable to sign him, but if it will happen, it will happen next year because Lamar has to prove he won’t go off the wagon again like that latest video."

Indeed, it sounds like the pressure is still on Lamar to win the club over. "Lamar has a lot to prove to make the team," adds the source. 

Do you think Lamar will make it onto the Clippers? And if he does, will this encourage Khloe to take him back?

Source: Hollywood Life