Lamar Odom’s Last Minute Plan to Get Khloe Kardashian Back
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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom’s Last Minute Plan to Get Khloe Kardashian Back

Another day, another plot by Lamar Odom to win back estranged wife Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar, who was served with divorce papers by Khloe back in December, is reportedly trying to get back in his wife’s good graces, this time by proving he’s on the straight and narrow once again.

Lamar, who had a brief return to the NBA at the end of last season with a stint playing for the Knicks, is now trying to get a permanent position on the court before he tries to woo his wife back. “He wants to wait and make the squad and show her he’s ready to commit to her and to basketball,” an insider reveals to

While Lamar has reportedly tried to make headway with Khloe since she filed for divorce, going as far as to show up at an event she was hosting with new boyfriend French Montana, it seems his pleas have, thus far, fallen on deaf ears.

Despite Khloe’s unwillingness to spend a minute more with her estranged hubby, Lamar is hoping his persistence will eventually pay off and get his marriage back on track. “Lamar‘s not stupid,” says an insider. “He knows a winner when he sees one.”

Do you think Khloe would ever consider taking Lamar back?