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Lance Bass and Fiancé Talk Wedding Details: “Everyone Is Dressing Up as a Cherub” (VIDEO)

You know, we can't get enough of 'NSync alum Lance Bass. In the '90s, he showcased his vocal ability with the boy band, but as he grew up, it turned out he's a man of many talents. The Entertainment Tonight reporter, philanthropist, and TV producer hasn't just found a wildly successful career, he's found the love of his life in artist and model Michael Turchin! They're getting hitched early next year in front of their friends and family — and the world, since E! is airing a televised special of their nuptials.

Lance and Michael spoke with Celebified about the big day on their way into the vow renewal ceremony of Prop 8 plaintiffs Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo.

"We have some amazing things planned and we're just so excited to share it with our friends and family and the world," gushes Lance from the red carpet, alongside Michael. "I mean we're going to be able to share this with E!"

"Middle America and the South will get to see finally a nice gay wedding on television," he jokes, "so they can't say that they've never been to one."

So what do they have on deck for the big day? When we last spoke with Lance in October, they had their tuxedos picked out, and they wanted some "high fashion" theme. There's not much new to report: "We like our colors, we know what we're going to there but uh, theme-wise we have no idea."

"I mean, we literally…" starts Michael. "Cherubs," interrupts Lance, jokingly.

"We're having a cherub-themed wedding," Michael riffs along, "Everyone is dressing up as a cherub."

We know y'all are joking, dudes — but honestly, we really loved that Met Ball idea you had back in the fall!

Lance dishes even more about his current projects — including the Showtime documentary Kidnapped for Christ, about a reform school in the Dominican Republic — and gushes a bit about Michael's art career. Watch the video for the full interview.

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