Lance Bass on His Wedding: The Date, the Guest List, and a Possible ‘NSync Reunion! — Exclusive
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Lance Bass on His Wedding: The Date, the Guest List, and a Possible ‘NSync Reunion! — Exclusive

'NSync alum Lance Bass is super excited about his wedding to longtime boyfriend Michael Turchin — and to be honest, we are too. The couple announced they were engaged at the end of August after Lance popped the question in New Orleans, and all signs point toward their wedding being a delight.

The singer-turned-director spoke with Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively on his upcoming nuptials — including his desire for a gala dress code, planning a wedding without a dress, and finding a venue big enough to fit thousands of his closest friends.

Lance also weighed in on the 'NSync reunion at the MTV Video Music Awards, or as he put it, his "high school reunion."

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Wetpaint Entertainment: You said that your wedding's going to be high-fashion, and that there were going to be tuxedos involved. The rings are absolutely beautiful. Any other word on what you're going to wear?

Lance Bass: Nothing yet. We think we know the designer that's gonna be doing our tuxedos. But other than that, we haven't been doing too much, other than you know, knowing the type of fashion that we want there. The great thing was, we were talking to our friends like, you know, there's no wedding dress! That's kind of like half the wedding right there.

We decided we just wanted our guests to come and have fun. I love throwing a party, and I love throwing a costume party. So this is like a costume party, over-the-top, like you're going to the Met Ball type of situation, so I just thought it'd just be very gorgeous looking out to the audience and seeing all the guests really decked out and as high fashion as they can.

Have you set a date yet? Or a location?

We're in the middle of looking for locations now. We know we want it to be somewhere private. And we have to have a big enough space. [...] I started writing down my list of people that I want to invite, and I didn't realize I knew that many people. I just got to the J's in my phone and I'm up to about 500 people. I don't know what we're gonna do, I gotta start editing somehow.

To be fair, the J's include ['NSync bandmates] Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez, right?

Oh you better believe it! You better believe it. They better be there.

I gotta find a great private space that can hold that many people and I always dreamed of having an outdoor/indoor space, because the weather's perfect around fall time, so we definitely want to shoot for that fall time next year.

Any chance for a little private 'NSync reunion? Maybe performing a little bit?

Who knows? You know what, I guarantee that there will be a stage there. Maybe depending on how drunk we get, I'm sure we might all get on the stage.

Any plans for a larger, public 'NSync reunion? We all got a little taste at the VMAs, and we're all feeling a little bit nostalgic.

It was such a great time at the VMAs! [It was] basically our high school reunion. But you know, no plans at all. [If there were a major event] we'd probably do something. Supporting Justin at the VMAs, getting that Michael Jackson Vanguard Reward, that was such a great moment for him and I couldn't imagine not being there for him. So when those life moments happen like that, we love to get together and do something fun.

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