Laurel Kagay: Brad Proposed to Me Right Before Taping The Bachelor Season 15
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Laurel Kagay: Brad Proposed to Me Right Before Taping The Bachelor Season 15

Did you really think we were done with Laurel Kagay? Laurel dated Brad Womack off and on for eight years — some of that time rumored to be during The Bachelor Season 11. The Austin, Texas, gal also dated Wes Hayden — she was the alleged “girlfriend back home” that Jake Pavelka told Jillian Harris about during The Bachelorette Season 5.

She’s back, y’all! And she reportedly told Us Weekly that Brad asked her to marry him many times during their relationship. She claims the last proposal was this past summer, just weeks before The Bachelor Season 15 started filming. She even says Brad made a speech to her and her mother, declaring he would “marry her right now.” He left to film the show, but Laurel reveals he continued to send her e-mails. (Were they sexy e-mails or just “I’m meeting girls much better than you!” e-mails?)

"I'm sure the girl he picked would want to know that he was proposing to another woman right before he started taping the show," Laurel tells Us Weekly. "I would want to know."

But this is Brad! Second-chance Brad. The other rumor about him was that he spent his pre-Bachelor summer wooing his Season 11 third-place bachelorette Bettina Bell. Maybe the guy just wanted to get his real-life options squared away before he went on the show.

Besides, look at the ladies he’s wooing: Michelle Money admitted to an affair with a married man (although she says she didn’t know he was still with his wife) and Chantal O’Brien is rumored to have cheated on her husband.

The Bachelor is the soap opera season, so of course everyone is going to have ugly stuff come out — true or not.

Source: Us Weekly

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