Lauren Bushnell Says JoJo Fletcher Reached Out to Her Post-Ben Higgins Split
JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell
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Lauren Bushnell

Lauren Bushnell Says JoJo Fletcher Reached Out to Her Post-Ben Higgins Split


Despite what the tabloids might have you believe, there’s no bad blood between Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher.

In fact, in the days after the former’s breakup from Ben Higgins was announced, the Bachelor 2016 winner was contacted by her fiancé’s former flame.

Yes, really!

Lauren recently shared how “hurtful” it was to watch Ben pour his heart out to runner-up JoJo on their shared season.

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She also touched on how difficult it was for the couple to relive some of that by meeting up with JoJo and Jordan Rodgers for lunch on spin-off Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?.

But none of this means the former flight attendant is holding a grudge against her Season 20 co-star.

On the same day that the LaurBen split news broke, the two women spoke via text.

“She reached out, which was really sweet,” the 27-year-old shares with Us Weekly this week.

JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell
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If that sounds odd, bare in mind the two had apparently been in touch before and “shared that we were having struggles” in their public relationships post-show.

“She texted me the day that the news or whatever broke just to check in, which I thought was really nice. We talked a little bit,” she adds.

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In fact, Lo has been pretty open with friends and family about the issues she and her beau were facing.

“I don’t think Ben and I, either of us were really private,” she admits.

“I mean, on our TV show we talked about going to couples counseling. We were never hush-hush about it.”

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Now that they’re no longer together, the two are taking their space, with the Portland gal snagging an apartment in the Marina del Ray area of Los Angeles — where she lived before doing Bachelor.

She does check in with her ex from time to time, though.

"We touch base every once in a while,” she shares with E! News.

“It's like, 'Hey, you have some mail, can I ship it to you?' But we're really on good terms.”

Ben Higgins Lauren Bushnell
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That being said, they try to limit these interactions as she says they “want to give each other time to heal.”

Still, it’s good to hear they’re able to be mature and respectful of one another in the wake of a painful breakup.

“I genuinely wish the best for him and I think he wishes the best of me,” she states.

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“It's good, there's no bad blood there at all. I'm really excited for him and what he has going on."

They sound like they’re moving on nicely — just don’t expect to see Lauren out with another guy anytime soon.

“I’m not looking to force anything,” she reasons. "I think I really really wanted to settle down.

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“I’m just taking the mindset that I’m going to take it day by day. If something happens, great. If not, then that is how it’s supposed to be.”

You do you, girl!