Lauren Bushnell Dating an Old Friend After Split from Ben Higgins (UPDATE)
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Lauren Bushnell

Lauren Bushnell Dating an Old Friend After Split from Ben Higgins (UPDATE)


UPDATE (7/13/17 at 8:47 a.m. ET): 

Lauren Bushnell hasn’t returned to a former flame, but she is dating an old friend!

According to E! News, the former Bachelor star is dating a guy named Devin Antin, who she was friends with before filming the popular ABC show.

"They are dating exclusively. It happened fast,” said the source.

The 27-year-old moved back to Los Angeles following her split from Ben Higgins and started dating Devin.

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Original Story (7/12/17 at 5:48 p.m. ET): 

Lauren Bushnell is back off the market and with someone from her past.

The reality star has rekindled a romance with an ex-boyfriend.

This relationship news comes less than two months after The Bachelor star and Ben Higgins called off their engagement.

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According to E! News, Lauren got back together with Sean Evans in June, shortly after her split from Ben.

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Lauren and Sean dated for three years before breaking up in 2015. 

Five months later she began filming for The Bachelor.

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The couple celebrated Fourth of July together.

"Sean has always been there for Lauren, even after their rocky breakup years ago," a source told E! News.

The pair also recently attended a Los Angeles Dodgers game.

"Lauren knows she can always lean on Sean," according to the source.

The blonde's past with Sean has come under criticism when it was revealed that they partied and drank a lot together.

“When Lauren was with Sean, she would lay by the pool every day taking shots and downing mixed drinks. Then she’d continue to drink all night,” an insider told In Touch in 2016.

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Sources also claimed that Lauren was needy and clingy when it came to being with Sean.

“If Sean tried to go out with his friends, she would call and text him nonstop until he got back home.”

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The Los Angeles native told E! News in June that she wasn't quite ready to date again.

"I'm not looking, but if something happens, great," she said about her future.

It looks like she really was ready to move on. We hope this time around with Sean works out better than the last.

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