Lauren Manzo Still Needs Her Mama When She Gets Sick
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Lauren Manzo Still Needs Her Mama When She Gets Sick

Aw, this is pretty sweet, you guys. Lauren Manzo may be all grown up now with her own business and a wedding on the way, but that doesn't mean she doesn't still need her mama's love when she's feeling under the weather. Apparently, Lauren came down with a case of the sniffles and her mother, Caroline Manzo, was quick to respond with her homemade chicken soup recipe.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star went on her website to share a photo of the amazing soup she made for Lauren.

"My little girl @laurenmanzo feeling sick – momma making her some chicken soup – xo," Caroline wrote alongside the big pot of boiling veggies, stock, and chicken.

Not long after, Caroline updated her Facebook status with a picture of the finished product in a pretty black-and-white soup dish, and we have to say it looks damn delicious.

"Made Chicken soup for @laurenmanzo - hope she feels better!" Caroline wrote next to the appetizing image.

You might have noticed that Caroline's version of the popular cure to the common cold is missing a key ingredient: noodles! But, both Caroline and Lauren are taking it easy on the carbs these days as they aim to hit their weight goals before Lauren's wedding.

In fact, just this week Lauren posted about her super hard workouts in the gym, even putting in two sweaty sessions in the same day. Maybe it was a bit too much for her bod to handle, hence why she ended up feeling sick.

We hope the chicken soup helps!

Do you think Lauren it's cute that Caroline still cooks for her daughter when she's sick? Sound off in the comments below!

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