Lauren Manzo’s Engagement Ring: Love It or Leave It?
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Lauren Manzo’s Engagement Ring: Love It or Leave It?

In case you somehow missed the big news, little Lauren Manzo is getting married! Her longtime boyfriend — now, fiancé — Vito Scalia put a ring on it, and Lauren told People Magazine that she's "obsessed" with it. Now she has posted a closeup on Twitter for us to ooh and aah at.

Of course, The Real Housewives of New Jersey daughter didn't blatantly ask people to check out her ring, but she did post a photograph of her hand conveniently placed over a wedding-planning book, with the caption, "Here we go."

Needless to say, the diamond is gorgeous and insanely large. Go Vito!

"I remember seeing the ring, and I couldn't believe he pulled off what I always wanted," Lauren marveled to People. "I am obsessed with it. I don't know how many carats it is because he won't tell me, but when I go out to eat with my friends I make them wear it, so I can see what it looks like."

The exquisite custom jewelry comes from designer Yanina, who personally wished Lauren well following the proposal.

The talented jewel pro tweeted, "Congrats @Laurenmanzo on your engagement! We hope you love the ring! Best wishes!”

Both Lauren and her famous mama, Caroline Manzo, replied to Yanina's shout-out.

"It’s incredible I can’t thank u enough," Lauren responded, while Caroline gushed, "You outdid yourself, as always."

Later, Yanina posted, "Congrats to our friends Lauren and Vito on their engagement! We are so happy she loves the ring! It's stunning!"

We totally agree, but what do you think of the giant sparkler?

Do you love it or would you leave it? Sound off below!

Source: People