Bachelor 18’s Lauren Solomon Reacts to Ex-Fiance Using Her Name to Sell Her Ring — Exclusive
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 18’s Lauren Solomon Reacts to Ex-Fiance Using Her Name to Sell Her Ring — Exclusive

Juan Pablo Galavis sent many girls packing on Season 18 of The Bachelor, including the lovely Lauren Solomon, who made quite the exit. Why do we remember her? Oh, just because she was the one who called out Juan Pabs for his ludicrous kiss-no kiss-kiss rule, which changed with the tides of a moonlight swim. Although Lauren shed some tears and got a little shaky, it wasn’t the first time she had to deal with a breakup.

Several months before going on the show, Lauren and her fiancé, Blake, called off their wedding. It was tough on both of them, so then you can imagine her surprise when, just the other day, a fan reached out and told her that her ex was selling her engagement ring online… and he’s using her Bachelor connection to try to get bigger bucks!

The ring popped up on the site “I Do / Now I Don’t” for $2,400, with a story attached to it:

“Well.. a little over a year ago, I was going to give this beautiful ring to my ex fiance, and as you see now, we ended up not getting married. And as it turns out... she was actually just on ABC's show ‘The Bachelor’. Crazy right... her name is Lauren Solomon. I guess I wasn't as good as Juan Pablo... But anyways... the Ring was never worn, and is 100% mint condition, sparkling with beauty!”

Yikes. Since this is a whole new territory of awkward, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Lauren to find out what you do in this situation. “I was kind of shocked he wrote that,” the TV Replay host says, “Believe it or not, he’s a really great guy, and this is out of character. I guess he’s trying to get more money for the ring? I doubt he will though, but I’m sure he thought I would never see it. Well, I did, real fast.”

While we would hop on the first call to our ex if he pulled this, Lauren hasn’t picked up the phone. “I haven’t said anything to Blake about it because honestly, I’m super happy and busy with my journalism career, so I don’t really care. It’s not really my business what he does with it. I gave it back to him after breaking off our engagement. I felt so awful about it all, and it was a terrible time for both of us.”

We didn’t hear too much about what happened, as the discussion of her split didn’t make it to air, but she says that it “affected her for a very long time.” The breakup happened because, the Bachelorette explains, she wasn’t ready to make a life-long commitment and chose her career instead. “I realized I was still too selfish, and since marriage is a very selfless union, I finally saw that it wasn’t my time yet.”

As for whether she’ll get a cut of Blake’s asking price, or if she ever contemplated keeping the sparkler, she says the thought “never even crossed my mind.” Well, if you want Lauren’s old — gently used — ring, it can be yours. Story and all.

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