Lauri Peterson Explains Calling Out Vicki: “She Knows What She’s Done”
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Lauri Peterson Explains Calling Out Vicki: “She Knows What She’s Done”

Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson has caused a lot of drama by spreading rumors about Vicki Gunvalson, but she feels that she had to do it.

Lauri appeared on Watch What Happens Live on July 8 and explains that she wanted to support Gretchen Rossi by telling her about Vicki's infidelities.

"I had heard the rumors that there was a conflict between Gretchen and Vicki - that Vicki had called her out on infidelity," Lauri says. "I'm not criticizing Vicki for having indiscretions, but when I know what I know, and she knows what she's done, how do you call someone else out on the very same thing that you're doing?"

"You don't you leave it alone," Lauri adds. "So I felt like I needed to back [Gretchen] up."

As for that rumored threesome, Lauri still sounds convinced that something sexual was going on beneath the sheets involving Vicki and two other people, but she maintains that she never actually told Gretchen that Vicki had a threesome.

"I was very clear that when I walked into the room, they were in bed under the covers I couldn't see what they were doing," Lauri says. "Wasn't just the first time [I had seen them in bed together], it was the second time — same people."

"But I didn't want to say that it was a sexual relationship because I didn't know," she continues. "I made it very clear to [Gretchen], I thought, at the time."

Apparently, it wasn't quite as clear as Lauri thought.

Source: Bravo