Lauri Peterson: I Pawned My Wedding Ring — and Learned It Was Fake!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lauri Peterson: I Pawned My Wedding Ring — and Learned It Was Fake!

We got to see a familiar face this week on Real Housewives of Orange County when Lauri Peterson went ring shopping with Tamra Barney. But which of the Housewives does Lauri still keep in touch with?

"Over the past four years, I have occasionally run into the women, usually in shopping malls, but other than the cordial small talk, I really never got caught up with any of them," Lauri writes in her Bravo blog about leaving the show after Season 4.

"So when I got an invitation from Tamra to help her pick out a wedding band for Eddie, I was really excited to catch up with her and hear about everything that I had missed out on over the past few years," she adds.

Lauri explains that she was only joking with her comment about Donn Gunvalson's wedding ring.

"I was merely being facetious when I mentioned that perhaps [Tamra] could buy Donn Gunvalson’s ring," she says. "I know that when Vicki and Don renewed their wedding vows, he had received a spectacular new ring. They divorced not long after, so I thought, why let it go to waste?"

Speaking what to do with your wedding ring after the marriage goes south, Lauri says she got a big surprise when she tried to sell her ring after filing for her second divorce.

"After filing for divorce, I was short on money," Lauri writes. "I took [my ring] to a pawnshop to get some quick cash, only to learn that my three-carat diamond was a cubic zirconia set in platinum! Needless to say, after leaving the pawnshop, I was still short on cash!"

Whoa! Talk about a shocker!

Source: Lauri Peterson's blog