Lauri Peterson on Her Rumors About Vicki: “I Stand Up For the Truth”
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Lauri Peterson on Her Rumors About Vicki: “I Stand Up For the Truth”

Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson has no regrets about spreading rumors about Vicki Gunvalson on the show this season.

"If I kept that in, the viewers wouldn't understand what's going through my mind," Lauri tells Reality Wanted about why she's been dishing about Vicki. "There are a couple situations this year where I have information and it's like, 'Do I talk about it or not talk about it?' When it crosses your boundary of your belief system, I have to stand up for what I know to be true."

Lauri does acknowledge that some viewers don't appreciate why she's become such a big fan of gossiping when she wasn't like that in her earlier seasons. "Of course now, viewing [this season] and seeing people's reactions, it's hard to take criticism, but I don't know," Lauri says. "I stand up for the truth."

Lauri reveals that her friendship with Vicki fell apart after Vicki accepted a phone call from George's former mother-in-law and spoke to her for half an hour as the former in-law spread unflattering rumors about Lauri and George.

"[Vicki] knew what she was doing," Lauri says. "To accept a phone call and entertain her even for a minute was far too long. The mother-in-law sent a very distressing email that was meant to get at me. Vicki sent it to several cast members, pretty much all our mutual friends. That was the catalyst and that defined our relationship at that moment. Friends don't do that to one another."

Lauri says that she initially left the show to focus on her family, but now that most of her children have left the house, she may return to Real Housewives for future seasons. "I never say never!" she says. "We'll have to see. I haven't made any decisions at this point."

In other words, the drama may be just getting started!

Source: Reality Wanted