Lauri Peterson Reveals How Vicki Gunvalson Ruined Their Friendship

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Lauri Peterson Reveals How Vicki Gunvalson Ruined Their Friendship

Lauri Peterson’s return to Real Housewives of Orange County for Season 8 has been met with mixed reactions, especially after putting former friend Vicki Gunvalson on blast for being a hypocrite about marital fidelity.

Viewers may disagree about whether Lauri had the right to disclose anything about Vicki’s personal life to Gretchen Rossi, but Lauri explains in her Bravo blog why she felt justified saying what she said — and revealed what ruined her former friendship with Vicki.

My point to Gretchen while talking about Vicki, wasn't exactly about infidelity, it was the hypocrisy of it all that got to me!” wrote Lauri Peterson.

She went on to describe how her relationship with Vicki quickly fell apart seven months after Lauri began dating her current husband, George Peterson. Essentially, Vicki betrayed Lauri’s trust after taking a phone call from the mother of George’s ex-wife, whom Lauri and George had been experiencing issues with. To add insult to injury, Vicki even received an email from the woman that was meant to be forwarded to Lauri. But instead of doing so, Vicki sent it around to her circle of friends, excluding Lauri altogether.

Vicki’s behavior, especially concerning the email, convinced Lauri to end their friendship completely.

“That action alone, I found to be malicious, evil, and vicious,” Lauri wrote. “It was her first personal attack against George and I as a couple. That was definitely not what a ‘friend’ does to a friend!”

Lauri has sinced moved on from the feud and now has a very polite association with Vicki.

“Over the years, I have managed to be civil and cordial to her, but I would not define our relationship as friends today,” she wrote.

Do you think Lauri had good cause to end her friendship with Vicki? Are you glad to see her back on Real Housewives of Orange County?

Source: Lauri Peterson’s Bravo Blog