The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden Wishes Andrea Was Still Alive!
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden Wishes Andrea Was Still Alive!

Preach, Laurie Holden. Preach it loud and proud.

At the recent Fan Expo Canada, The Walking Dead veterans Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) joined continuing stars Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), and Steven Yeun (Glenn) on a panel to discuss the show.

Both Andrea and Merle died in Season 3, although neither death matched the comic book source material. Heck, the Dixon brothers aren't even in the comics, and the book version of Andrea is still alive.

According to Hitfix, the audience asked the cast about their favorite storylines from the comic book series and if the book-to-TV changes bugged them. Rooker — the star of every gathering — said he wanted the show to have "more sex," which reportedly made the crowd cheer. (He should try for a role on Game of Thrones.)

"The graphic novel is filled with people desperate for love and desperate for any kind of human connection," Rooker said, then turned to Steven. "I mean you, God. You're an amazing hero." Steven was his usual humble self, and said he was just trying to make it work. "I had an idea in my head about what I thought Glenn was going to be like. Which is just a young man, growing up in a weird world and I'm just trying to play that."

Then Laurie jumped in with her Season 3 comic/TV complaints — and you can picture us as her cheerleaders, waving “Vote for Laurie as Season 4 Writer!” as she talks.

"Your character is fairly close [to the comics]," Laurie said to Steven. "I wish I could have been a writer on the show because it would have been very different. The Governor would be dead by now. [The] writers have creative license and they do things to keep it interesting. I loved every moment working on that show, I loved the character of Andrea. I wish that I had been like in the comics and been able to end up with Rick in the end and to have been that killer sharpshooter. But I don't write the stuff and it was someone’s decision to go that direction and you just do the best job you can. It's just a different medium. You just embrace what they write."

Translation: I'm as pissed as anyone that Andrea had a sorry end in Season 3 — she deserved better, like eventual hot lovin' from Rick, a badass storyline, and the death of The Governor. We all deserved that too. Sorry, Season 3, but you dropped the zombie ball on that one.

Despite her love for the show, Laurie doesn’t really want to return for a flashback or a vision-of-the-dead comeback. "I think the ghost thing has been done," Laurie said. "I feel like Andrea died with grace and that story has been completed."

Sad face. Read Hitfix's full rundown from the Fan Expo talk for a lot more — including Norman Reedus wanting to quit the Internet!

Source: Hitfix