Lauryn Hill Kicks “Disrespectful” Fan Out of Concert (VIDEO)

One concert-goer was singled out by lyricist Lauryn at a recent Chicago concert, but it didn’t end as most would expect. While being pointed out by your fave musician may seem like the ultimate gesture of fan appreciation, this one was ejected by Lauryn after making a comment the singer didn’t like.

According to TMZ, it all started when Lauryn showed up almost an hour later to her performance at the House of Blues in Chi-Town. Once she did take the stage, however, fans claim that her opening song wasn’t up to snuff, and when one fan called her out on it — even flipping her the bird — Lauryn decided to stop her performance to give him a talking to.

“When I get up on this stage, don’t be disrespectful,” Lauryn said in the video. “You could go. No seriously, you can go. Please refund him back his money. If a little patience is too much, it’s alright. You can go. I would prefer that. You not gonna mess up my vibe for the rest of these people. You not gonna do that! You can get up, you can get your money refunded and you can go. I’m alright with that. I’m okay with that.”

Later, Lauryn calls for security to have the man escorted from the hall and given a refund. She went on to say, “I don’t need to win you over and you don’t need to win me over. You can go and you can take all of your money right back, it’s alright. I do this because I love it—not because I owe you anything. You understand that? I do this because I love it. You can get on your blogs and you can tweet and say whatever you want to. I don’t give a rat’s ass.”

The Grammy Award-winning artist then points the man out (along with his girl “with the screw face on”) and gets back to business with a rendition of “Everything Is Everything.” According to the person who shot the video, more people were seen at the box office asking for the money back, saying Lauryn’s songs were sub-par.

Do you think Lauryn was wrong for kicking a patron out of her concert? Watch the video above and tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

07.23.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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