Real Housewives’ Lea Black: I Never Said Alexia’s Son Should Go to Jail
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Real Housewives’ Lea Black: I Never Said Alexia’s Son Should Go to Jail

Lies, lies, lies — they’re gonna get you! That should’ve be the theme song for the Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 premiere, as the ladies are already firing off accusations about all the rumors being thrown around.

In her Bravo blog following the episode, Lea Black revealed her biggest shock of the night. “I’m always ready for surprises, but I was taken aback by Alexia’s lie, quoting me as having said her son Peter should go to JAIL for 25 years!”

Pointing to her charity, The Black’s Annual Gala, Lea said, “Everyone knows I have spent 19 years raising funds to help give kids second chances and keep them out of jail. What I do speaks louder than what the phonies say.”

Lea claims she’s never offered anything but support for Alexia and her son, adding that Alexia’s finger-pointing is completely unfounded.

At a Boys & Girls Club fundraiser just days after the arrest, Lea was quoted as saying, “[Peter] has a heart of gold. Of course he made a mistake and it’s hard to accept, [...] but I love Alexia and I know she raised him right.”

So, why then would Alexia perpetuate a lie that she knows will only hurt Peter in the end? Lea doesn’t seem to have any idea.

“She knows it's a lie. She knows I reached out immediately after Peter was arrested. [...] My statement and private support to Alexia was in the face of a media frenzy labeling him a spoiled brat who deserved a prison cell.”

Regardless of the gossip, it seems the haters aren’t going to get Lea down. “Well girls, keep coming at me with lies and I will respond with the truth and get ready for some collateral damage.”

Strong words, Lea. But as we all know, it’s hard being “the villain” on a reality show! We’re ready to see how this shakes out... and wondering how long it will take for the other Miami ladies to band together in mutual hate of Ms. Black!

Source: Bravo