Lea Black Criticizes Her Co-Stars’ “Ridiculousness” and “Pettiness”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lea Black Criticizes Her Co-Stars’ “Ridiculousness” and “Pettiness”

Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black doesn't have kind words for her co-stars who didn't attend her gala this week or, as she calls them, the members of the Hate Lea Club.

"What you do speaks louder than what you say," Lea writes in her Bravo blog this week. "And to you, my friends, that have supported the Gala, you did a good thing and supported a great cause and I thank you for it on behalf of the hundreds of kids who benefited from your generosity."

Lea says she is willing to forgive her fellow Housewives, up to a point. "If you appreciate me and are good to me, you can count on me, even if sometimes you misbehave," she says. "But if you're simply up to no good or you won't take responsibility for your actions and then blame me for your problems, I will defend myself. And there lies the problem."

"Don't expect me to condone or enable your bad behavior at my expense and then be surprised when I expose the facts and underlying truth in defense of myself," Lea continues. "And if that has you joining the Hate Lea Club, then you've made my point. You've joined the club of 'always blame others,' never take responsibility, and hate the one that held the mirror up to your face."

"Let's empower the youth of today to make the future of tomorrow better for the next generation," she writes. "We get to choose how we think and what we spend our time, energy, and money on. Let's rise above the ridiculousness of pettiness and hatred and make our lives count for something bigger and outside of ourselves."

Sounds like good advice, Lea! We applaud Lea for her charitable efforts, and we hope the ladies can work out their problems one of these days.

Source: Lea's Bravo blog