How Lea Michele Fought to Keep Boyfriend Cory Monteith Sober
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How Lea Michele Fought to Keep Boyfriend Cory Monteith Sober

It’s easy for people to point fingers and cast blame when something terrible happens. For Lea Michele (Rachel), she’s getting some of the brunt of it over the tragic death of boyfriend Cory Monteith (Finn) from a drug overdose. To which we say, cut it out, jerks.

Luckily, far more people and news outlets are reporting on how committed Lea was to helping her boyfriend and co-star get healthy. An InTouch report claimed that Cory “fought for sobriety for [Lea] because she wanted it for him so badly,” and that she “just can’t stop blaming herself” for his relapse and death. But why would she feel that way?

In fact, it sounds as though the reason that Cory went to rehab back in April was because Lea “laid down the law” and “took the lead and engineered the plan to get Cory in rehab” according to TMZ. This report is supported by People, which says that an intervention was staged before Cory’s March 2013 rehab trip. But although Lea could be there to monitor Cory’s health when he was in Los Angeles with her, she didn’t follow him around when he went home to Vancouver to hang with other friends.

The fact of the matter is that Cory may have been a humble, beloved, inspirational person, but he was also a famous actor. And as we see far too often, sometimes the Hollywood life sucks in the best of our talented young people. The People magazine cover story addresses this fact, with a source saying of Cory, “Perhaps because he was so professional, his descent back into addiction was a longer slide than most people realized.”

This spring, Lea reportedly told Cory that she loved him too much to watch him abuse himself with drugs, and that he had to choose rehab and her, or drugs and a life without her. Although he checked himself into rehab voluntarily, the disease of addiction stayed with him long after he left.

Cory died on July 13 of a mix of heroin and alcohol overdose, and Lea has continued to fight to honor her boyfriend, taking over the planning of his funeral and grieving with his family.

Source: InTouch, TMZ, People

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