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Lea Michele Asks What Went Wrong in Cory Monteith’s Final Days — Report

Lea Michele Asks What Went Wrong in Cory Monteith’s Final Days — Report
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images    

Lea Michele (Rachel) is looking for answers about what happened during the final days before her late boyfriend, Cory Monteith (Finn), died of a heroin and alcohol overdose on July 13. Radar Online reports that Lea is questioning Cory’s friends about what may have triggered the relapse that led to his unexpected death in Vancouver, B.C.

“Lea is trying to talk to the people who last saw him,” an insider told Us Weekly, via Radar Online. “She wants to know what happened, she wants to understand.”

Cory, who has battled with drugs since his early teens, entered rehab earlier this year. It was his second visit — he previously checked in at age 19. With Lea rooting him from the outside, Cory stayed in treatment for less than a month before returning to day-to-day life. Now, some ask if he should have stayed longer.

As Lea continues to deal with Cory’s death, Radar says she “hasn’t been in communication with a lot of people.” This includes hers and Cory’s Glee castmates, who the source says “know that she needs to be by herself.” The latest reports have Lea with Cory’s family in Canada where we hope she’s getting the love and support that is so very much needed during this difficult time.

Source : Radar Online

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