Lea Michele Calls Herself a Diva — and She’s Proud of It!
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Lea Michele Calls Herself a Diva — and She’s Proud of It!

Since the dawn of time — or at least since Glee began — leading actress Lea Michele (Rachel) has been the subject of an endless amount of diva rumors. The Broadway vet has a killer set of pipes and an undeniably star quality, and she just can’t seem to shake the ever-present reports of a diva personality that often goes along with it.

But is being known as a diva really a bad thing? Based on a recent Twitter post, the Glee star appears to be embracing her diva personality to the fullest. Lea attended Beyonce’s July 1 concert in Los Angeles, and the next day, she posted this super-fierce Twitter selfie with the caption, “FVOAH.”

For anyone less familiar with the music of Beyonce, that stands for “Female Version of a Hustler” — a key line in Bey’s hit, “Diva.” (A song that Glee has covered on the show, naturally.)

To quote Queen Bey, “A diva is a female version of a hustler.” Are you surprised to see Lea embrace her status as a diva, or does it not shock you one bit? After all, Beyonce’s song touts the term “diva” as a badge of honor.

If a woman is fabulous, talented and confident, shouldn’t that be celebrated — and not turned into something she needs to feel ashamed of? Lea Michele can be a diva if she wants to. What is wrong with that?

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter

07.3.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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