Cory Monteith Death Has “Been Brutal” For Lea Michele, Says Glee Star
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Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith Death Has “Been Brutal” For Lea Michele, Says Glee Star

We've all had a tough time coming to terms with Cory Monteith's (Finn) shocking death, so we can only imagine what late Glee star's loved ones must be feeling. Indeed, those close to Lea Michele (Rachel) confirm that this has not been an easy time for her.

Glee star Jane Lynch tells People that Lea has been devastated by Cory's death. "I know it's just been brutal for her," Jane says. "I never lost a boyfriend when I was 26 years old. I can't tell her what her experience is."

But it sounds like Lea is remaining strong, all things considered. "She's a champion, and she is a rock star, and she is getting through this," Jane adds. Plus, we know that Lea will be attending the Emmys tonight, so we're curious as to whether she'll appear onstage.

Jane will be presenting a special tribute to Cory at tonight's Emmy Awards, and she says she's glad that tonight's tribute and Glee's upcoming tribute episode will allow people to cope. "I don't think it's ever really over for anybody," Jane says of the grieving process. "It'll be great for the fans that we're shining a light on this, that it happened, because I know it affected a lot of people in the country, so everybody can grieve together."

Indeed, Jane admits that some days are easier for her than others when it comes to mourning Cory's death. "I think that grieving comes in waves," she explains. "Every day that I go to work, I walk past his trailer, and every time I look at a call sheet, I see that his name is not on there. Every time I do a scene with the kids, I realize that he's not there, so you're reminded in every moment. It's hard, and it feels like such a waste."

Cory's tribute tonight has garnered a bit of controversy, given that some TV legends  including Jack Klugman and Larry Hagman  will not be honored in the same way. But we think that Cory deserves the honor, and we look forward to what Jane has to say about him tonight. 

Source: People