Lea Michele Visits Hotel Where Cory Monteith Died — Report
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images    


Lea Michele Visits Hotel Where Cory Monteith Died — Report

As Lea Michele (Rachel) starts coming to terms with the reality of Cory Monteith’s (Finn) tragic death of a heroin overdose on July 13, the Glee star is beginning to understand what happened in her boyfriend’s last days. Radar Online reports that Lea took a trip to the hotel where Cory died, and she looked absolutely “crushed.”

“I saw Lea about an hour after the family saw the body at the hospital,” a photographer named Rik Feydick told Radar of Lea’s July 16 trip. “There were two huge SUVs out front and Lea was in the back seat of one, sitting between two bodyguards.

Giant sunglasses covered Lea’s face, and the Glee star never stepped out of the car. She simply stayed parked outside the hotel, staring at the growing fan memorial to Cory for five to seven minutes.

Once Lea and her bodyguards noticed they were being watched, Feydick says their SUV peeled out away from the hotel, “driving crazy.”

How sad is it that Lea can’t even step out of a car to see her boyfriend’s memorial for fear that photographers will surround her with their cameras? The Glee star’s rep asked on July 14 “that everyone kindly respect Lea's privacy during this devastating time." But it sounds like she is having to take extreme measures to try and make sure that request is honored.

So far, there have been no photos of Lea since Cory’s passing. From reports, we know that she’s been grieving with Cory’s family and kept busy planning the funeral. Honestly, we don’t expect her to step out in public for quite some time. And we’re sure that everyone can understand why.

Source: Radar Online