Lea Michele and Cory Monteith’s Relationship Remembered: They’re Finally Together!
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Lea Michele and Cory Monteith’s Relationship Remembered: They’re Finally Together!

Glee’s Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were costars first, but as they spent years together playing love interests, a real life romance began to develop. We've compiled a detailed timeline of their relationship in four parts.This is when their real-life relationship finally became official.

Winter 2012

Cory and Lea have been rumored to be dating since February. It’s now November. What’s more, Cory recently said that he’s “kind of always” had feelings for Lea.

Later that month, Lea and Cory spend Thanksgiving together with his family in Canada, but then spend Christmas separately so that they both get to be with their families. Lea gushes that Cory is the sweetest guy.

During an Ellen DeGeneres show appearance on December 6, Cory finally confirms what Glee fans have known for 10 whole months, but nobody had ever officially confirmed: He and Lea are dating. “We are. Of course we are.” He grins sheepishly. We melt.

Soon after, Lea asserts that she “can’t even remember” life before dating Cory. 1. We can remember it just fine (see previous two timelines) 2. Ouch. That’s kind of harsh for her ex, Theo, don’t you think?

For New Years, Cory and Lea head off to Hawaii on vacation. But when paparazzi follow them to a remote beach and start snapping photos, Cory gets upset. The two look adorable and in love at the airport on their way home.


On January 9, Lea looks bright and sunny in yellow at another FOX party. She again asserts that Rachel is “meant to be” with Finn, and then calls Cory both her celebrity crush and her best friend. Too cute. Her best friend Jonathan says Cory and Lea are “really wonderful people” and “a great couple.”

On January 17, Lea steps out wearing a silver necklace with Cory’s name on it. Rachel Berry wears a similar necklace with her own name on it, so we love how Lea’s turned it around and made the necklace all about Cory.

But when asked if he’s ready to have babies with Lea, Cory holds back. “I don’t think yet, but I’m too young,” he says. Lea thinks Finn and Rachel are too young to have babies, too. Finn and Rachel hook up at Will and Emma’s wedding, but that doesn’t mean that their characters will to get back together.

On January 28, Lea and Cory look adorable on red carpet for Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. It wasn’t like this a last year’s show.

In February, they watch the Super Bowl together (remember how she was with Theo during last year’s Super Bowl?), and then head out to see a movie afterwards. Later that month, the two are spotted going to a Tegan and Sara concert. Cory later gushes that he “wouldn’t change a thing” about working with Lea.

Happy One-Year Anniversary!

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith’s Relationship Remembered: They’re Finally Together!
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It’s Valentine’s Day, which mean Cory and Lea have been together for a year... possibly even longer. However, Lea ends up spending V-day with Jonathan, since Cory’s busy that night filming Glee.

On February 22, the couple takes another ski vacation. About a week later, they hold hands, and otherwise look totally adorable, on the red carpet. Lea calls Glee creator Ryan Murphy her matchmaker, since he is the reason she and Cory first met.

In March, they head off to NYC together once more, and photographers rush to document the trip. The couple poses for photos with fans and enjoys a cute NYC lunch date. They’re later spotted holding hands and looking cute on the way back to L.A.

Oh, fun fact: Rachel’s new boyfriend, Brody, works as an escort on the side. Obviously, no one is pleased. Finn actually makes the trip all the way from Ohio to beat Brody up and defend Rachel’s honor. In the process, he refers to Rachel as his “future wife.” So even though Finn and Rachel aren’t together right now, it seems like they probably will be in the end. Lea and Cory both take to Twitter to react to the episode. Soon after, Finn heads off to college to pursue a teaching career.

On March 17, Lea and Cory go to Vancouver for a friend’s wedding. The next day, Lea’s spotted wearing her “Cory” necklace again!

Cory Enters Rehab.

Here’s where things take a turn south. On March 31, it’s revealed that Cory has checked into rehab for substance abuse issues. The news comes as a shock. Fans knew that Cory had struggled with alcohol and drugs in the past, but that all seemed so far behind him.

But the Glee star had been to rehab once before, about 10 years ago, and said on Inside the Actor’s Studio that his problem with drugs and alcohol began at about age 12, and that his mother and friends staged an intervention at age 19. Now, at age 30, he had checked into rehab for a second time.

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith’s Relationship Remembered: They’re Finally Together!
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Lea immediately issues a statement saying that she fully supports Cory and will stand by him. It will later be revealed that she was a driving force in encouraging him to seek help, and some will say shegave him an ultimatum: rehab, or we’re through.

Cory received treatment at the Betty Ford in California, after an intervention by the Glee cast that Ryan Murphy later revealed was spearheaded by Lea. He then transferred to the Crossroads Centre, a drug and alcohol addiction rehab on Antigua.

The Glee star is praised for his decision to be public about his desire to seek treatment. However, due to timing, he will not be able to be in the final two episodes of Season 4, and both scripts have to be rewritten. Cory’s Glee stars had no idea about his problem, but they all support him wholeheartedly. Mark Salling says that a decision like Cory’s “takes balls.”

Lea and Cory don’t break up, and she, she leans on her friends for support, including close pal J.Groff. Reports begin to emerge that Cory may be in rehab for more than just alcohol, but the only drug mentioned by name is cocaine.

Meanwhile, on Glee, Rachel auditions for Broadway. In April, the show releases an adorable behind-the-scenes Glee video, in which a pre-rehab Cory tells Lea he was really nervous the first time he met her. The entire exchange is adorable. On April 24, the cast finishes filming for Season 4.

Cory Leaves Rehab

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith’s Relationship Remembered: They’re Finally Together!
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Just two days later, on April 26, Cory leaves rehab after just under a month in treatment. He’s reunited with Lea, and soon takes to Twitter to thank fans for their support. Co-star Kevin McHale says he thinks Cory “looks great.”

Cory and Lea immediately head to Vancouver to spend time with his mom, and they’re spotted looking super cute while going to see a hockey game. On May 8, they head off to Mexico on vacation, and Lea posts a happy Instagram photo of herself wearing a bikini on the beach. Deja vu, anyone?

On May 11, Lea throws Cory a big formal birthday party back in Los Angeles. The now 31-year-old star even gets all dressed up in a suit for the occasion.

A few days later, the Glee cast turns out for the FOX Upfronts, but Cory, just out of rehab, was still taking time off from work. On May 17, he’s Cory spotted leaving a local Lions club, where AA meetings are held.

After the Oklahoma tornadoes wreak devastation, Cory tweets to encourage people to donate. On May 21, Cory and Lea are seen getting pancakes together in L.A. There’s no doubt that Cory has been through a lot, but his life seems to be getting back to normal. Sigh. If only this story could have a happy ending...

Part 1: Before They Were Dating

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Part 4: A Tragic Ending

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