Lea Michele Cries Every Day Since Cory Monteith’s Death — Report
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Lea Michele Cries Every Day Since Cory Monteith’s Death — Report

We're all still trying to deal with Glee star Cory Monteith's (Finn) shocking death last month, so we can imagine how tough things must be for his girlfriend Lea Michele (Rachel). And while Lea has gotten back into the swing of things and is filming Glee again, she reportedly still struggles with Cory's absence.

Lea stayed strong when speaking at the Teen Choice Awards earlier this month, but she is still hurting, according to Hollywood Life. “She saw her speech on the Teen Choice Awards as one more step to recovery,” a source says. “She will never forget things obviously with Cory, but she is making it her mission to show a strong and brave face as things continue. She doesn’t want people to feel bad for her forever, but she appreciates it.”

Lea is apparently glad to be among friends on the set of Glee as they film Season 5. "She has been around so many friends and cast members that its been easier to adapt as the days have gone on," the insider continues. "But she still has one good cry per day."

However, knowing how important the show was to Cory is helping her get through it. "The great thing that she loves right now is that she is working on the show she loves with the legacy of Cory on the line, as he was and is the love of her life," adds the source.

We admire Lea's strength during such a difficult time, and we continue to wish the best to her and all of Cory's loved ones. We're with you, Lea!

Source: Hollywood Life