Lea Michele

Lea Michele and Harry Styles Rumored to Star in Wicked Movie (VIDEO)

Here's a rumor that is kind of defying gravity logic but we're loving it anyway. Word has it that Lea Michele (Rachel) is in the running for the lead role of Elphaba in a planned movie adaptation of Wicked and One Direction hottie Harry Styles is in talks to play her love interest. Uh, is it too early to buy a ticket? Because we are so there.

It's hard to know how seriously to take this rumor, but several British tabloids are reporting that Hollywood film producers are eyeing Lea to play Elphaba and Harry who doesn't exactly have a ton of acting experience, but whatever to play Elphaba's love interest, Fiyero.

If there's a more perfect casting choice for Elphaba than Lea, we can't think of it, considering that Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel who plays Lea's mom, Shelby, on Glee originated the role of Elphaba on Broadway, earning a Tony for her performance. And Lea has performed several Wicked tunes on Glee with aplomb, including "For Good" and "Defying Gravity."

So will this actually happen? Well, when Lea recently discussed her plans for the future, she didn’t mention anything about a film career but instead said she hopes to record a follow-up album to Louder. However, Lea made that comment this month, when she's been super focused on promoting Louder. She can't possibly turn down a Wicked film, can she?

Are you hoping Lea and Harry star in this movie?