Lea Michele Knows What These Characters Will Be Doing in Glee Season 6!
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Lea Michele Knows What These Characters Will Be Doing in Glee Season 6!

Last month Lea Michele (Rachel) was a guest on Entertainment Weekly Radio Sirius XM 105 with Tim Stack, and over the course of their nearly 20 minute conversation the 27-year-old talked about her book, Brunette Ambition, her “On My Way” music video, what she knows about the sixth and final season of Glee, and much more.

We’ll get to the book and the sultry music video a bit later, but for now we’re interested in what Lea had to say about Glee Season 6. “I’m scared, I can’t say anything,” she began, before reiterating that Season 6 “is not set in New York”.

After some prodding, Lea opened up a bit more and revealed that she does know what’s ahead for several characters. “I know what I will be doing, I know what Darren will be doing, I know what Chord will be doing and Jane,” she said. Apparently Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy told each cast member their Season 6 arc, and Lea, Darren, and Chord were able to piece much of the upcoming season together over dinner with each other.

“He’s [Ryan] told us individually our stuff...we all shared our stuff and then we put all of the pieces together and then we figured out what’s happening next year, it’s very exciting,” Lea noted. “I think being our last season it’s just back to the basics of what we love about Glee and I’m really looking forward to taking on a new role this year.”

Aside from the fact that we’re still thinking about how great it would be to go to dinner with those three, we’re a little worried that Lea made no mention of Chris Colfer (Kurt). He followed Rachel to New York after high school, but now that she’s headed to Los Angeles to work on her pilot we’re not sure what’s next for him.

As far as we know, Chris/Kurt will be back for Season 6, but the fact that Lea didn’t mention him still has us a little scared. Are we overreacting, or do we have reason to be worried about Chris’ future on the show? Listen to the full interview below and tell us your thoughts!

Glee Season 6 is expected to debut in 2015.

Source: Entertainment Weekly Radio Sirius XM 105