Lea Michele Talks About Cory Monteith “All the Time” — Report
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Lea Michele

Lea Michele Talks About Cory Monteith “All the Time” — Report

Glee aired a very difficult episode this week as the show said goodbye to Cory Monteith with Season 5, Episode 3: "The Quarterback." As can be expected, Cory's loved ones are still having a hard time grappling with his loss, particularly Lea Michele (Rachel).

People is reporting that Lea is doing better than she once was immediately following Cory's death, but that she is still hurting.

"It's getting a little easier," a source says, as Lea "still misses him every day." The source adds that Lea "talks about Cory all the time."

Apparently, Lea especially feels Cory's absence when she's by herself. "[She] doesn't like to be alone," the insider points out. "Her friends have really been helping her through it."

One recent report claimed that Lea is starting to think about dating and has interest in a new guy whom she finds cute. But a new source denies this rumor and says she's still in the process of healing.

"She really struggled," her friend says. "It was hard to get up every morning. But now, she's doing okay."

On the show this week, we saw Finn's pals come to terms with his death, with Rachel finally returning to McKinley at the end of the episode to be with her old high school friends.

We continue to be impressed by Lea's strength, and we're wishing her all the best as she continues to move forward with her life.

Source: People