Credit: Lea Michele on Twitter

Glee’s Rachel is a pro at putting together an impressive costume remember her amazing stuffed-animal get-up from “Theatricality”? but Lea Michele is no slouch either. In fact, it’s no easy task to determine which of her Halloween costumes over the years is her best.

Back in 2011, Lea combined her love of movies with her love of dressing up as birds (okay, the second part of that might not be true) when she dressed as the Swan Queen from the Natalie Portman movie Black Swan. Lea captured every detail, including the wings on her head and the white makeup around her eyes.

Then, she took the next year off, opting not to dress up in 2012. “I feel like I'm in a costume everyday, so that's my one day not to dress up,” she explained at the time. We suppose that’s a perfectly valid excuse, right?

Still, we were thrilled that she decided to go back to a costume this year. She and pal Jennifer donned matching dirndls to go as German barmaids. The costume allowed Lea to throw her hair into pigtails, along giving her a chance to show off those endless legs of hers.

But which of the two costumes do you prefer? We tend to be partial to playful costumes over serious ones, so we might give a slight edge to this year’s over the Swan Queen. But just barely. At any rate, the one thing there’s no debate over is the fact that she looks gorgeous in both.

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