Don't you love it when the magazine that you're on the cover of is being sold in stores right next to the magazine that your friend is on? Wait, that hasn't happened to you? Well, then you'll just have to enjoy the feeling vicariously through Glee star Lea Michele (Rachel).

The fact that Lea is looking fab on a magazine cover is no surprise. And indeed, she's as gorgeous as ever on the cover of the current issue of Elle, which contains a revealing interview with the star.

On December 1, Lea tweeted a photo of her issue being sold right next to the issue of Harper's Bazaar with former Glee guest star Kate Hudson (Cassandra) on the cover:

That's so sweet of Lea! And it's true that both ladies are looking stunningly beautiful on their respective covers. Why wouldn't you want them both on your coffee table?

There had been rumors of tension between Lea and Kate on the Glee set last season, but those are seemingly less and less likely to be true. Indeed, Kate invited Lea to escape from the press by staying at her home over the summer following Cory Monteith's death, although Kate herself was on vacation and not in the home at the time. 

We love it when Glee stars are real-life pals, so we're tickled pink by Lea's sweet tweet!

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter