Jesse (Jonathan Groff) may or may not be appearing again on Glee, but that doesn't mean that Jonathan won't work with Lea Michele (Rachel) in the not-too-distant future.

Jonathan is asked by Just Jared whether he and Lea will get to act together again  following Glee and Spring Awakening  and he sounds optimistic. "I hope so!" Jonathan says. "I’m having dinner with her tonight, and I see her all the time. I love working with her, and it’s the same thing with Ryan Murphy. When you go back to work with someone that you’ve worked with before, there is a shorthand and an ease."

"With her and I, we’ve done such intense and intimate work together on Spring Awakening, and then we had so much fun on Glee," J-Groff adds. "I know that we’ll be in each others lives forever, but it would be fun to continue that creative collaboration as well." How sweet!

Jonathan — whose new HBO show, Looking, debuts next month  is also asked how he made things up to Lea after not contacting her for her birthday last year. "So she had a little party that I obviously attended," he explains with a laugh. "There is this nickname that a yoga teacher called us that we sort of latched onto, which we thought was really funny, and so I got T-shirts made of that for both of us to wear."

But the big question that remains is: What was the nickname?! We need to know! Alas, Jonathan's lips are sealed. "I’m not going to tell you!" he says about the nickname.

What kind of a project do you think Jonathan and Lea should work on together next? 

SourceJust Jared